If you have an ESA or if you are thinking of getting one then you probably have a lot of questions on your mind. One of them will obviously be about traveling.

An ESA is there to provide emotional support to you when you truly need it. So, if you can’t take an ESA with you while you travel then there really is no point to one.

Well, here is some good news for you.

You can definitely travel with your ESA.

However, there are some rules and regulations that you have to follow and they may vary for different types of airlines. 

First of all…

It is very important that you have an ESA letter, otherwise, there is no way you can travel with your ESA.

If you want to know what an ESA letter is then you should look for an emotional support animal letter sample. This way you will know what an ESA letter is and how to get one.

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Now for the rules:

Rule #1: Well-Behaved Animals Only

Now, the most important feature for an ESA is to be well-behaved. There are many airlines that only allow you to travel with an ESA if the animal is well-behaved.

Airlines like United and Delta will not accept an animal that is not well-behaved.

But don’t worry. Before you get an ESA letter, the behavior of your ESA will be checked. So, make sure that your animal is a well-behaved one.

Rule #2: Big Animals are not Allowed

Most of the airlines out there only allow animals that are small in size. For example, American Airlines ask for animals that can fit in your lap or somewhere at your feet.

This means that if your ESA is a big animal then you will have a problem traveling with it.

Rule #3: ESA not Allowed in Some Countries

Ok, so this is not an airline problem but this is related to the countries.

For example, if you are traveling on American Airlines then an ESA is not allowed for flights going to New Zealand, Auckland or Hong Kong.

I know this is super weird but these are the rules set by the airlines and there is not much that can be done about this.

Rule #4: Unusual Animals Need to be Approved

In the case of many airlines, any animal that can be described as unusual or exotic will not be allowed into the airplane. Southwest is on such an airline.

But there are some airlines, like the WestJet, that make exceptions in special cases, even if the animal is “unusual”.

The animals that are restricted are usually reptiles and rodents.

Rule #5: Paperwork

This is the most important thing that you need to remember. If you want to travel with your ESA then your paperwork should be complete.

Now, in some airlines, you only need an ESA Letter.

But, in others like the United, you will need to fill a lot of paperwork to get an ESA onboard.

So, make sure all that is done before you go onboard.

Rule #6: Dogs Only

Dogs are lovable creatures and they are also a man’s best friend. So, it is no wonder that many airlines only allow a dog to enter their airplanes.

In this case, if your ESA is a dog then you are in luck. If not, then you will have to find another airline or you won’t be able to take your ESA with you.

I know, tough luck.

So, you need to check it with the airline that you usually travel with.

And, if you are looking to get an ESA letter then you need to get in touch with a legit website that will get you in contact with a licensed professional. This way, you can get a legit ESA letter.

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